If you haven’t seen it, Kevin Kelly has a huge article at The New York Times about the digitization of books.  I read most of it, skimmed some of it because I really should be getting back to work.

I have a love/hate relationship with the notion of ebooks. 

Since the mid-90s, I’ve loved the thought of a ‘hypertext.’  Everything cross-referenced, definitions linked.  Heck, you could even link in other material and shoot for a non-linear text.  There’s some interesting possibilities there.  And how could I not love the concept of having *any* book available to me whenever I want it?  And not just available to me, but to anyone.  More people reading can’t be a bad thing.

But part of me loves books themselves.  Their smell and weight and presence.  The absolute easiest way for me to decompress it to go to a library.  And an on-line library just ain’t the same.  It’s hard to take comfort from file directories.  And if the library at Alexandria burned, what happens when technology changes, or worse…goes away.  I fear dark ages.  And as a writer there things like copyright law and getting paid to worry about.

What to do, what to do…

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  1. melisagogo

    I’m with you

    I love the feel of them, the texture of the pages and the types of fonts people decide to publish with.

    This obsession with them is also why I struggle with libraries and with people who lend me books. I just want to keep them so I may touch them or read them again later.


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