Daily Archives: June 6, 2006

A huge dust storm just blew in.  And I mean “just.”  At 6pm on the 6th of June, 2006.  Coincidence?  Well, of course.  But it does put into question our frisbee playing for the evening.

In other news, I need to stop Eric from reading anything or this book is never going to get done.

We’re Killing Science Fiction!  But it Ain’t Dead Yet

On the subject of being a science nitpicker: 
I’ll suffer a lot.  I try to think of fuzzy bunnies when writers (or the actors speaking their words) talk of science.  People reporting science news often get it slightly (very) wrong, and I often get it slightly (very) wrong too.  Hell, I winced my way through this week’s Dr. Who because I know half the things they were going on about with the black hole are totally wrong.  But hey, we don’t know everything about black holes just yet…

What totally bugs me is when a piece of serious science fiction gets something absolutely wrong, and the story could have been better and stronger if the writer would have gotten it right.  In serious science fiction, I expect that the writer has done the homework.

I can’t speak to other nitpickery, because I ain’t them.

In other places: Promotional Intelligence & The Culture of Impatience

I can’t agree with Daniel Green about Big Publishers not having anything to offer over Small Press.  How about initial print run?  Or are small presses spiffier than I think they are?

But I can get behind slowing down the culture of impatience.  I never do read books the year they’re published.  And here I just thought I was slow…

All this brought to you today by the number 6 and SF Signal.

By my reckoning, I worked 5 hrs. yesterday, not including talks with Eric.  I wrote 679 new words.  Despite those numbers, it really felt like a productive day.  I spiffed up the last scene and worked my way through a couple Alcander improvements.  More of the same today.

Eric and I did go run and throw this morning.  We’ll see how much we regret that later.  And we might go to open play tonight, don’t know.

And for all of those that are celebrating today, I remind you of this.  Therefore, you’re all nearly a week late and the Master is very displeased.