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I’m about to write you a reality check. Or would you prefer the cold, hard cash of truth?

4hrs and 19mins of writing yesterday (cut short due to Chris appearing) and 3hrs today.  That doesn’t include all the talking with Eric and the hour of work I’ve put into market research.  I’ve been neglecting the submission process way too much.

Okay day of disc.  Cayla was having a particularly bad day.  That always makes me look good.  I had a couple of nice runs and a nice leading throw to Dave.  Still only four on four.  Too many people are put off by the 100+ temps.  Intel vs. Freescale is scheduled for Monday.  We’re going to be in trouble this year.  Chris, Ryan, and Pat are all fast and we’ve seen them improve during this last league.  And Nicole was recruited to play for them since Intel only had one women.  It’ll be an Urban Monkey Warfare reunion, only we’ll be on both sides of the field.

Back to markets…