Daily Archives: June 13, 2006

Now you’re doing it on purpose. How juvenile.

My package from Amazon.com arrived.  Yay! 

Rob Zombie’s new album, Educated Horses, did not disappoint.  It’s maybe more White Zombie-ish that his first two solo albums.  Eric commented that the tracks he heard sounded Marilyn Mason-ish.  Probably with good reason since Zombie includes John 5, former Manon guitarist.  To me it sounds slightly…southwestern horror.  I have a great love of the western combined with horror.  Give me the Weird West any day, or From Dust Til Dawn.  Or a great Richard Laymon novel like  The Stake.  And this album fits that perfectly.

Reading.  Not doing much else.  Well, aside from the procrastinating…

One thing I realized.  When I’m reading someone else’s book, I don’t (can’t) appreciate how much effort went into its writing.  Reading my own, I see just how many things were discussed and fought over, but now it’s so beautifully seamless.  Let me break my arm off, but damn this is a good book.

Disc tonight.  Wellness appointment tomorrow before disc.  I should figure out someway of being productive between the two.  I need Father’s day cards, so maybe I’ll head back to McClintock and Elliot and shop…   Maybe I’ll just take lots of reading materials.