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I missed posting yesterday.  Wednesday was busy and I hadn’t slept well the night before.  Did the wellness screening thing, played some disc, spent much time in zombie mode until after dinner and the massive amounts of caffeine caught up with me.  Eric is still picking apart Model Species  and it won’t be out to markets this week.

Was happy with my throwing yesterday and Tuesday at open play.  Had some nicely controlled throws to Amy, though I kept putting the disc a little further in front of Dave than I wanted.  Not that he couldn’t catch up, but we were playing four on three.  Nobody wants to work harder than they have to.

Finished Children of Dune.  Wow, is about all I can say.  I’m pretty amazed at what Herbert does with his characters, his world.  And I can see just how much of an influence he’s been on Eric.  Supposedly, God Emperor of Dune will test my mettle as far as the series goes.  But, I’m going to hold off jumping into it for a bit.  So book #13 for the year: done.

Woke up this morning utterly convinced that it was Saturday.  This week is dragging on…

Walked to CVS this morning.  They had a poor selection of Father’s Day card for grandfathers, so I still need to buy one.