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Just got back from Omaha.  Well, not quite just.  About an hour ago.  Our plane was delayed about an hour and a half due to weather over Chicago.  We got in late, slightly hungry, and went to get groceries.  Now I’m here, awake, catching up, with intent to unpack.

Omaha was okay.  All there.  My family was semi-well-behaved though I got tired of hearing about what a disaster in the making my brother and his girlfriend are.  And got very, very annoyed at ignorant statements being made about mental health issues.  Just because you’re a loud extrovert that can easily slip into dull social situations, doesn’t mean that anyone who can’t is retarded and has the plague.  (Which it seems is the case according to my grandmother…)  But on the whole, my family wasn’t terribly upsetting.  Eric’s family was lovely as usual.  Reidun made German chocolate cake *and* egg salad, so I was a happy, happy camper.  I gave up trying to resist the cake and just ate.  I’m not weighing myself until next week.  Returned with a bunch of new clothes, and shoes in Eric’s case.  And I bought books.  It was the Omaha dispensation.  How can I resist buying seven books for $10?  Went to the Max on Thursday with Tom and his friends.  The dance floors were closed though, so it was kinda boring.  Watched most of The Pink Panther (the new one) and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (also the new one).  And Mom recorded some Doctor Who for me!  From the first season, but only a couple I hadn’t seen.  I’m saving my bucks to buy season one on DVD.

Shortly before I headed to Omaha, I thought, “Really, Tempe isn’t that treeless.  Look, there’s a tree.  And another, and another.  And not just palm trees either.  I’ve been unfair about saying it’s tree-less.”  No, I wasn’t unfair.  I had just forgotten how somewhere with trees looks.  The sky doesn’t press down, it’s held up and framed.