Book #14
Finished Writing Horror, ed. by Mort Castle while in Omaha.  The articles were sometimes interesting, sometimes actually helpful and occasionally very out-of-date.  Better can be found on the internet, so I’m glad I picked it up used.

Up early to go running with Chris.  I couldn’t sleep after Eric’s alarm went off a few times.  Since Chris is leaving Wednesday, our evenings will be more gaming related instead of work-related.

Speaking of work, not surprisingly, I didn’t get much done last week.  Pushed through a bunch of changes on Model Species Friday night before we left and sent a mostly finished draft to Andy & Samms for reading.  Also gave my mom a copy, though I doubt much good critique will come from there.  Even though she’s probably read more science fiction than most of the people I know.  Looking at my notes, it seems there’s only one ‘to do” left on Model Species.  I thought Eric had something else.  Well, I guess there might be some terms he wants to pump up.  I did do some prewriting for the new first chapter of Pas de Chat, so one good afternoon of work should put her to rest.  Responses back (both negative) from LBF on Lucinda and from A Guide to Surreal Botany on the piece I sent them.

Feeling hermity, which is no surprise, and I’ve been pretty pissy toward Eric since before we left, which is not good.

Time to run.

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