In the absence of anything important I give the world:

my pet!

This week has officially been dubbed Gaming Week. Hurrah! And I’ve strangely agreed to attempt a Planescape campaign. Should be interesting.

Very much looking forward to disc tomorrow. And maybe a nice cool bath tonight.

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  1. scltspider

    Oooh, Gaming Week!!

    Planescape is only one of a handful of D&D settings I find fits my play style. I’m a much bigger fan of point-based character design and story based systems, but I’ve found that with the right gamemaster, almost any system is enjoyable!

    Are others going to be running different systems and games?

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      This will be the first time playing d20 in quite a while. Well, modified d20. We’ve been playing mostly GURPS for a few years now. But I always figure it’s the setting that makes the game.

      Heh, it’s just my husband and I gaming this week. Our group has pretty much dispersed for the moment.


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