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Disc was canceled this morning.  Probably because people were out of town, though Dave mentioned that his arm-twisting hadn’t worked.  Too bad.  The weather is great today.  We had storms last night and the clouds (and humidity) are still here.  But it’s only 83 degrees!  After I got the email from Dave, there was a rain-delay at Wimbledon.  So no tennis for a while either.  I took the opportunity to go for a run.  Came back very damp after two miles.

Started writing Divine Fire this morning.  Ah, love all over again.  Exciting, new, and blind to all flaws and mistakes.

Excited with gaming too.  Last week ended up being a bit of set up for campaigns rather than a lot of playing.  I wanna get on with some adventuring!

My internet access is much slower with this wireless USB adapter.