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Well, we bought a power supply for my computer in the front room and it didn’t do the trick.  So that will be going back to Fry’s.  Bought Children of Dune (the movie) from Best Buy and it has a problem reading a portion of the movie.  So that will be going back.  (Although, I don’t think they had a second copy in stock.  I don’t know how they’re going to replace like with like if they don’t have the product.)

That on top of emissions retesting and tax stuff.  And I’m babysitting Tuesday!  That should be fun…

But other than that, a pretty good weekend.  We gamed Friday and Saturday night when not having too much fun with Limewire.  Watched the last episode of season two of Doctor Who.  Got up this morning and watched Wimbledon, and went out to disc this evening.  Good stuff all.  I might finally have the vodka tonic I’ve been craving since yesterday morning.

Now I’m just tired.  And I wish Eric could quit his job and work on other stuff.  He’s been so stressed.

Tomorrow, Model Species out the door and begin work in earnest on Divine Fire.  And laundry.