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This afternoon:

  • Finished laundry.
  • 1700 words done on Divine Fire.
  • Moved the floorlamp into the backroom.  With the window closed, it’s too dark.  With the overhead light on, it’s too bright.  The floorlamp is just right.

I think I’m going to have a (second) vodka/seltzer and indulge in some Doctor Who.

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This morning:

Fixed the problem I had been happening with Limewire.
(And then spent too much time fiddling around with said Limewire.)
Fixed the chairs in the backroom.
Relocated the printer to the backroom and printed out Model Species proposal.
Trip to the post office.
One load of laundry in.

Eric feels I should point out that working “in the back room” is not such a terrible thing.  The *two* computers back her are nicer then mine (much nicer since mine doesn’t work at the moment).  There are books and our little fridge and plenty of desk space.  But neither of these computer are not quite “mine.” 

To be bloggish:

Removing sex, swearing from films violates copyrights.  Well, good for them!
World eBook Fair  Just because I’m not buying books this year doesn’t mean I can’t acquire them…

Time for lunch.  Then on to writing.