Daily Archives: July 12, 2006

Divine Fire is at 3102 words.  It’s official rewrite doc is 1479, which means I’ve written/added roughly 2400 between today and yesterday.  A good chunk appropriated from Trials today.  I’m stopping before I get myself into too much trouble.

Been fighting off a migraine all day.  Annoying.  Now for some mundane tasks…

So.  Divine Fire is going to be a reworking of Trials of Fire, one of the two books I gave up working on because Eric and I decided worldbuilding would be easier than getting historical setting right.  (A decision I still wonder at.  Easier?  Doubtful.  Better suited for us?  Probably.)  Trials of Fire was the second of two books, written to stand alone with a lot of background given.  Characters will carry-over from TrialsI and backgrounds to.  But I’m not going to go in depth on those backgrounds if I don’t have to.  It will become obvious that Marie is married, traveling without her husband.  The nature of the marriage will be implied and inferred, but I’m not going to spend 100 pages setting it up like I did in Trials.  Obvious now to simplify.  Not then.  Interesting to work with these great character unfettered by the weight of that first book.

No disc.  This is me acting like I’ve been all deep and contemplative about art when really I’ve just been lazy and am preparing to life bits of paragraphs from Trials of Fire.