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Sunday morning “TV” watching, while Eric is ruining his body at Ironwood scrimmage.  I get to go ruin my body later…

Via SF Signal: gives us the pilot to The Amazing Screw-Top Head and has a survey to go along with it.

It was…okay.  To be honest, I’d be surprised if this show makes it on to the air.  I don’t think steam punk translates well to the general public (See: Wild Wild West).  And I don’t think this steam punk is as funny as it tries to be.  The Tick does a much better job of poking fun at its own absurdity.

The first 20 minutes of A Scanner Darkly.
Interesting.  And knowing that Philip K. Dick was schizophrenic puts this in an interesting light.  I’m not going to go to the theater to watch it, but it will make for an interesting rental down the line.

Via other places:

Unaired Buffy the Vampire Slayer Pilot.
The original Willow would have been an interesting choice…if only she could act.  And oh, the horror…of the special effects.

Also watched the Scientology episode of South Park, which I’m not going to link to.  While I have no respect for Scientology, the site where I found the video is just a bit too propagandic for my taste.