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Quicky update about that which was Wednesday:

No disc, yet again.  Actually, it was looking promising and I took the bus down there, but Avery and Amy decided not to play leaving us with seven total, and only five who were in favor of a three on three game.  Luckily for me, Roland was among the seven and gave me a lift home.  Looks like I’m running tomorrow and maybe going out to open play as well though it will be effort.

Wrote a short article on writing blogs for Associated Content and worked on one about Ultimate Disc.

Spent some time attempting to organize our music collection.  It’s at that very unwieldy point and I lack a good way of sorting through it.

Other than that, I was pretty much lazy scum, reading and bathing throughout the day.

It’s windy now which is somewhat comforting.  I’d be very happy with a large storm right about now.