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We have Hannah’s birthday party to go to today.  Well, after we get her a present.  Don’t know what to get her, really.  She’s not quite as arts & crafts loving as her sister.  She likes games.  At least taking games out of the cupboards, dumping the pieces about and then leaving them there.

Things do not look good for my computer.  Eric purchased a new power supply online and it didn’t help.  Could be another device causing problems.  Could be that my hard drive went ka-put.  It’s not looking good.  We’re starting to talk about a new computer.  A laptop might be a good thing to have, especially if we start ‘trolling the gaming stores for new gamers.  While I find laptops to be very pretty, I really like a full-sized keyboard.  And a full-sized screen.  But, could take it with us when we travel.  But, expensive.

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Phobos Entertainment offers up their choice of the 100 must-read science fiction books.  I’ve only read 19 of them.