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20 Worst Agents List, Updated!

Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest today since we’re in a swashbuckling mood. It was alright. Not the greatest I’ve seen and certainly not the worst.

I like that they picked up with consequences from the first movie, especially bringing Norrington back. And yay undead monkey!

The line- writing wasn’t quite as good though, and some of the jokes felt flat. Still can’t believe parents were bringing little kids to see it. It’s not exactly a light-hearted Disney flick.

Dreamt last night of walking in dream-Lincoln.  I started out in the area where dream-Kleins is and the pharmacy and the liquor store.  I went into the liquor store, but couldn’t see well enough to buy anything.  I was going to walk to dream-A Novel Idea, but night was falling and I needed to get back to the dorms.  I had an amazing feeling of multiple possibilities laid out before me.  And then I realized it was a dream.

Going to take more time off from Divine Fire while we regroup our poop.  I plan on giving the apartment a good cleaning this week, and do some smaller writings and practices.