Dream this morning:  I was decorating a Christmas tree with small red lady-bug lights.  I didn’t have enough for the entire tree so I had to use those lights that look like candles on the bottom.  This is a dream I had pretty early this morning, but the only one I remember.

Ran 2.8 miles.  I wanted to go for 3 today, but there was a guy out sleeping by the soccer field so I did a general jog-about.  What’s really really depressing is that 2.8 miles at my pace only burns 173 calories.  Basal calorie usage is king…

Link o’ the day:  A User’s Guide to DMR in Online Music.  Yeah, see, this is why I don’t buy music online.  It’s overpriced anyway…

Continued cleaning.  No writing of any sort done today.  Went out and did some running and throwing with Eric when he got home.

Had dinner at Pita Jungle (no surprise there) and came out to a rain storm in progress.  Very nice.  And quite long too.  A good two hours of rain and wind.  Right now I have to open the windows back up and get some cool air in.

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  1. Katherine Nabity Post author

    We had the power go out Saturday night, I think it was, as both my husband and I were working on separate computers. *wince* Storms creep up on us here. It will be clear and then suddenly dust and clouds and rain, usually in that order.

    Pita Jungle is excellent. Mostly Mediterranean/Middle Eastern fare with lots of vegetarian dishes. My current favorites are jalapeno cilantro hummus and their pita pizza (tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, feta and mozzarella all wood-fired on a pita). And they are very reasonably priced!


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