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SF genre(?) is making a come back(?)

USA Today: Science Fiction Gets Real
And SF Signal’s take on whether it’s SF or not.

What worries me is the people who are named in relation to these projects.  Not the authors.  Obviously, Ray Bradbury and HG Wells have some SF street cred.  But John Davis?  Not a lot of great SF on his production resume.  I’d say Predator 2 is about the highlight there.  (I consider Predator 2 a fairly decent movie.)  I haven’t seen I, Robot but I have read Asimov’s stories.  I’ve also read the very good Harlan Ellison screenplay of I, Robot that will probably never get made.  My understanding is that the movie has little to do with the source material.  J.J. Abrams?  Seriously, do people consider Alias genre?  Or Lost?  Russell Schwartz is a marketing guy.  Of course he’s going to say this product is good and give several good reasons why.  Jon Turteltaub isn’t an SF guy either with National Treasure 2 in the hopper.  Marc Abrahams is more known for horror (Slither, End of Days) than any other genre.  So why are *these guys* saying that SF is making a come-back? 

And why are these guys saying that SF is making a *come-back*?  No SF was put out last year?  i guess nothing at all…  War of the Worlds, The Island, Aeon Flux, “The Dead Zone,” “Doctor Who,” “Invasion,” “The 4400,” “Stargate SG-1,” “Surface,” “Threshhold,” Descent, Robots, Serenity…  And that’s a quick search…


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