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And lo!  There was money in my PayPal account.  Spiffy!  My business-brain tells me that I got paid under 2 cents a word, not even professional rate.  My there’s-money-in-my -pocket-due-to-writing-brain tells me that  $8 is more money than the business-brain has made, ever.  I’ll take what I can get considering I’m on summer vacation.

I’ve been lazy scum today.  Reading, napping, playing Oblivion.  I did go for a run, but that’s about it.  Tonight I’m DMing.  What?  I don’t know yet.

And for the world to see:  My FitDay Journal
More flexible then, but I think it under-values ultimate frisbee as a sport.  So there’s a gritty approximation of what I eat and do in a day.

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Scientists Spot Chronic Pain ‘On/Off’ Switch

Protein kinase G (PKG) may lead to a new approach in treating chronic pain.

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