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There was no disc yesterday.  Disappointing that year-round Wednesday noon disc has petered out.  Especially considering that August was the fifth anniversary of my playing with that group on a regular basis.  I learned to play in the ungodly heat of summer and my joints seem to prefer it.  Dave says we’ll start again in September around the beginning of league.  Just unhappy that  I’ll have to do extra running instead of playing.

And since there was no disc yesterday, I did 1200 words on Divine Fire.  Haven’t done much today.  Kind of blah, really.  I need to get my arse in gear though.  We’re going to a party at Magda and Sylwester’s tonight.  Very smart, holding a party on a Thursday.  This means that Eric and Magda cannot stay up until 3am arguing while Slywester and I eat chocolate.

I did redo my LJ theme.  The rather neutral pink and green needed a change.  I’m rather proud of my meager Paint Shop abilities.

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From those wacky guys at’s Men’s Health Section: Why do we have fingerprints?
‘Cause, you know, women don’t have fingerprints.

Grown-ups turning to teen books is interesting enough on its own, but I don’t understand why they mention science fiction in the first sentence and then never again.  They mention fantasy examples.   They do realize there is a difference between the two, right?  Right?

This is why I keep an online journal, not a blog.

And lastly, ‘Challenged’ books drops to all-time low.  Good to know.

1000 words done thus far.  I’m going to go do the dishes and ponder the conversation between Ricard and Marie that I haven’t finished yet.

Looks good for disc tonight.  I didn’t get out Sunday due to *cough* buying EverQuest Titanium.

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Words: 1207
Going to take a break and work on some changes from last week that I haven’t gotten to.  I just wanted to jump right in and write today.  I need to get on the horse, as it were.

Also made tea and hummingbird food.  All the tasks for the day have been fulfilled.

iTunes survey because…why not?
Via the fabulous fabulousfrock

How many songs?  7999 items including a few dozen podcast downloads.

Sort by Artist:
First?  ‘Til Tuesday
Last?  ZZ Top

Sort by Song:
First?  ’87 and Cry by David Bowie
Last?  Zwitter by Rammstein

Sort by Time:
Shortest?  At supposedly 0:00 a wav file of Val Kilmer from Tombstone, “I’m you’re huckleberry.”
Longest?  (excluding podcasts) Harlen Ellison reading Paladin of the Lost Hour at 54:11

Sort by Album:
First?  [R]evolution by Sister Machine Gun
Last?  Zoot Suit Riot by Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

First some that comes up on Shuffle?  Insight by Joy Division

How many songs come up when you search for “sex?”  51
How many songs come up when you search for “death?”  72
How many songs come up when you search for “love?”   312
How many songs come up when you search for “you?”  642
How many songs come up when you search for “why?”  14
How many songs come up when you search for “God?”  68
How many songs come up when you search for “crazy?” 15
How many songs come up when you search for “fuck?” 12

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Back on May 19th I ran 2.5 miles and was pretty happy with myself.  Today I ran 3.7.  So hey, I have made a little progress.  Mind you, I’m not a fast runner.  That little jaunt took me 55 minutes.  I wanted to get 500 words written before noon, but I didn’t count on taking so long with other things.

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If you listen to podcasts, this looks to be an interesting project.  I’ve been meaning to add my podcasts to my links list…

I really like the look of this new theme, but I really wish there was a bar between entries.  It gets a little messy with user pics and mood themes.  Maybe I could use some controlled messy in my life…

Most likely, Eric’s going down to Tucson this evening to scrimmage with the Tucson teams.  Me, I’m staying here.  Maybe I’ll even get work done that I meant to do yesterday…

Addendum:  It truly amazes me how long Eric’s alarm can go off before he hears it.  I’d say it’s been about 10 minutes straight now.  Annoying the hell out of me a room away, yet he sleeps soundly.

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Mostly useless day.

One note: KGC
I want this album when it comes out.

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So, does this explain why paper on Battlestar Galactica is octagonal?  Paper made from titanium oxide nanowires.

I’m not a convert to iTunes for all my music listening needs, but party shuffle is rather nice.  A little cross-fading does wonders for the listening experience.

I wasn’t going to go for a run this morning, but the weather is all cloudy and windy and cool.  Can I resist?