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I went from really chatty to really not.  Such is my LJ.

Last week was just kinda quiet.  Eric and I have talked about Divine Fire a bit, and now he’s working, obsessively, on the map again.  Not a bad thing.  Taking stuff wholesale from Trials of Fire will not really work, though I still might lift a sentence here and there.  No word on my two pieces of flash fiction, or the two AC articles I have pending.  Or on any of the outstanding novel submissions.

After three weeks, I’m fairly satisfied with how it’s going.  I have a pretty good idea of how many calories I consume and how many I burn.  1900 calories max is probably a good number to shoot for.  I weighed in a little light a week ago, but I’m not sure if that was true loss.  I also know what I need to avoid: restaurant bought pizza is the first thing I’m going to curb.  It’s too many calories for how long it stays for me.  I can have a piece of cold Tessio’s for breakfast or yogurt, a granola bar and nuts that will keep me full the entire morning.  And, I’m feeling pretty good.  The running seems to have helped my back, but that may just be the warm weather.  We’ll see how it goes come fall.

Disc is going okay.  Not organized for the Flagstaff tourney next Sunday at all.  No work on fall league, though I have stated that Eric and I will captain again.

Mentally,i suppose I’m on an even keel at the moment.  I’m not thrilled with working in the back room, but I’m resigned.  I could do a better job DMing.  It would make Eric happier.