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No jury duty for me.  And no disc either.  Instead I walked to K-Mart, a nice 4.5 miles.  It occurs to me that walking to Target would be less, and I could take the bus home…

Book #19:
Finished Westmark by Lloyd Alexander.  Again I feel cheated.  Why did no one point out Alexander to me when I was a young reader?  As an adult there’s still things to enjoy, even if the characters are a bit cliched and their feeling are told rather than shown.  There’s some fine phrase-turns, and I’m surprised at the slyness of the subject matter.  Monarchy v. non-monarchy.  Violece v. pacifism.  Nice in a kid’s book.  Unfortunately, I am short a The Kestrel before I can continue the series.  I picked up Westmark in Omaha and The Beggar Queen at the library’s sale corner.

Notice that I don’t really keep to my “What I’m reading” list.  I can’t really get into Berendt’s The City of Fallen Angels, so it’s going back to the library.  Instead I’ve been reading Chocolat by Joanna Harris, which is lovely.  And also Perez-Reverte’s The Seville Communion.  And reading The Diamond Throne out-load to Eric as he works on his map.  (Which probably explains the sore throat that’s been bugging me for a few days.)  And Macbeth in odd moments.

Cripes, it’s already a quarter after 4.