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4.5 miles to K-Mart and back, again.  Took back shorts that are cut for beings that apparently have two butts (there’s a pair like that to go back to Target too).  Bought curtains and bug spray that is “Earth Option,” but still advises you change your clothes after use.  Not sure on the curtains yet.

Tournament in Flag on Sunday is working out, finally.  Which makes me feel better.  Still nothing back from Keith about the whole webmastering thing.  It would be nice to know if they’re going to need me.  I guess I have until the 10th to put in our registrations.

Family party on Saturday for Eric and Mark.  Both have had birthdays recently.

Body is tired.  I think walking is harder on me than running. 

The mind, though, has perked up.  Eric had the perfect suggestion for Divine Fire.  I really wasn’t liking what I had, or the prospect of rewriting the scenes in the same way.  What to do?  Eric figured it out.  Change up the POV in the second scene and, presto-chango, you change the entire experience of where the story will go next.  Brilliant.  See, I knew there was a reason I married this guy…

My plan is to take a shower and clean up this place.  Then write.  As it is the mess is just distracting me.

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Here’s Eric and I six odd years ago at our wedding reception.

I think Eric wins this round…

Thanks to elfgirl for that diversion.  It almost took my mind off the ants that have invaded my apartment.  Now to go get something to kill the ants and, hopefully, not surrounding wildlife.