Here’s Eric and I six odd years ago at our wedding reception.

I think Eric wins this round…

Thanks to elfgirl for that diversion.  It almost took my mind off the ants that have invaded my apartment.  Now to go get something to kill the ants and, hopefully, not surrounding wildlife.

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  1. najud


    It would be nice if more than one of my top five were male. I sure hope this is a result of their not having a very diverse sampling of faces to work with. As it stands, it looks like I make a prettier woman than you do.

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      I’m just left in awe of the celebrity couples that could occur from this group. (Well, if most of the men on my list weren’t dead.) I particularly think Roy Orbison and Julia Stiles would have made a cute couple.

      Eric is 6’3″. I was in heels that day so I actually cleared his shoulder.


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