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What’s up with my ABC News health RSS?  It’s filled with ‘sensational’ science.
Real-Life Werewolves
Real-Life Incredible Hulk
‘Morgellons’ Mystery
When Body Turns to Bone
And it goes on… 
They are all ABC Primetime stories.  So that’s what you need to report on to get people to watch a show on health issues?  I realize the health sciences make some of their biggest breakthroughs in the study of aberration, but these are more akin to ‘hey look at the wolf boy!’  Now if you want something really cool/eeww you got the great piece the New York Times did on the microbial theory of obesity.  Now that’s news.

Also, in the land of diet & exercise, Exercise shown to Shrink Abdominal Fat Cells.  And we’re not talking crunches here.  We’re talking walking at a brisk pace.  Good to know.

And for Eric, if you haven’t seen it, Study Provides Insight Into How the Brain Loses Plasticity of Youth. Digg occasionally puts forth something better than Why Do Men Fall Asleep after Sex.

Rewrote that scene yesterday.  It might drag a little, or maybe needs to be slightly more mysterious.  I’m not sure.  I’m going to take a look at it today and work on the next bit.

Also nee to do laundry.  Laundry annoys me…