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My internet connection is very hinkey today and I don’t think it’s entirely Cox’s fault.

The weekend:

Tim recommended that we try a Greek food place to the mall.  It did not disappoint and is probably too good for a food court.  Eric’s probably right, Greek food is going to be the next ‘big thing.’  Any bets on how long until one of the burger chairs (probably Wendy’s) offers a side salad with feta on it?

Then it was off to Ann’s.  We played in her pool with Mark and Trish and the girls.  Fun, and I didn’t even get sun burnt.  Dinner was decent and the ‘birthday’ cake was very good.  The plan was that we’d excuse ourselves at about 8pm so we could take a grocery shopping trip, and I could get to bed at a nice early time.  Unfortunately, Jim appeared around the time Mark, Trish and the kids left.  Which we could have a nice talk with Jim and Ann.  We didn’t leave until after eleven.  So much for sleep.

I was up at 4:10 on Sunday to travel up to Flagstaff for a mini-tournament.  I might have slept a consecutive hour.  For whatever reason, I’ve been very phlegmy and it was worst Saturday into Sunday.  I was also worked up over the impeding trip, and dreamed several times of getting up and leaving.  The trip was just fine though.  I rode up with Ryan, Eliza, and Joanne.  We got to the fields just before 8am and found out that games wouldn’t start for another hour or so.

In the end between the late start and weather, we only played three games.  We won the first against Bad Eggs from Tucson.  We renamed our team Just One Practice (due to most of the team members only showing up to one practice), and the captain of Bad Eggs joked that one practice was more than they’d had.  Next we played the two Flagstaff teams, Team Burr and Team Hamilton, with a buy in between.  They both beat us, Team Burr by a much larger margin.  During that game, the wind really pricked up and our handling wasn’t up to it.  We had a fifteen minute weather call during the last game too.  It started to rain.  Not a big deal, but there was also a lot of lightning.  We stopped playing when everyone’s hair started standing on end despite being very wet.

There was supposed to be a last game, but many of the teams had already packed it in.  We were all beat, so none of us complained.  There seemed to be many short-handed teams.  By 5:00, we headed to a brewpub to have dinner.  We figured there’s be no problems getting back to Phoenix by 8:30.  Ha! we were so wrong.  The traffic between Payson and Phoenix added an hour to our dive.  Not pleasant at all.

I played pretty well.  Everything was decent except that I was pretty tired out by the last game.  It’s hard making those hard cuts when your legs just don’t want to go.  I think the worst was in the second game when I hadn’t changed into pants.  Had a terrible turnover that game too.  Blah.

My back didn’t fare too well, but it’s already better than it was.  I notice that my right arm and pectoral are sore as well.  I’ve got such a runny nose.  I’m not itchy so it might just be a cold.  Probably around too many people and picked something up.  And I’m tired.  I had a hard time getting up this morning and I’m only just now becoming slightly more mentally aware.  Craving carbs and protein by turns.  I’d like to just curl up and sleep, but I really need to get some writing done.  Or maybe dump the cooler and clean out the disc bag.  Haven’t done either yet…