Daily Archives: August 22, 2006

Right.  Laugh of the Day.
Trailer for a new Will Ferrell comedy: Stranger than Fiction
Harold to a receptionist: I need to speak to Kay Eiffel.  I’m one of her characters.
Receptionist: I’m sorry?
Harold: I’m in her new book and she’s going to kill me.
Receptionist: Oh…

1000+ words done.
Now I’m going to go do a few of those other things that “need” to be done.
More work later.

Thunder, lightning and a five hour power outage last night.  I saw a lot of trees down while running this morning.  I wasn’t feeling too spiffy, but I decided to jog anyway on the off chance that fields will be too soggy for open play tonight.  I’m feeling better right now, hope I won’t regret it later.

Need to write.

The cooler still needs to be mucked out, dishes need to done, the kitchen floor needs to be washed.  I need to take stock of the damage in the fridge due to the outage.

Need to write.

Also, we’re out of tea and the hummingbird dudes need fresh food.

Need to write…