From those wacky guys at’s Men’s Health Section: Why do we have fingerprints?
‘Cause, you know, women don’t have fingerprints.

Grown-ups turning to teen books is interesting enough on its own, but I don’t understand why they mention science fiction in the first sentence and then never again.  They mention fantasy examples.   They do realize there is a difference between the two, right?  Right?

This is why I keep an online journal, not a blog.

And lastly, ‘Challenged’ books drops to all-time low.  Good to know.

1000 words done thus far.  I’m going to go do the dishes and ponder the conversation between Ricard and Marie that I haven’t finished yet.

Looks good for disc tonight.  I didn’t get out Sunday due to *cough* buying EverQuest Titanium.

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