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There was no disc yesterday.  Disappointing that year-round Wednesday noon disc has petered out.  Especially considering that August was the fifth anniversary of my playing with that group on a regular basis.  I learned to play in the ungodly heat of summer and my joints seem to prefer it.  Dave says we’ll start again in September around the beginning of league.  Just unhappy that  I’ll have to do extra running instead of playing.

And since there was no disc yesterday, I did 1200 words on Divine Fire.  Haven’t done much today.  Kind of blah, really.  I need to get my arse in gear though.  We’re going to a party at Magda and Sylwester’s tonight.  Very smart, holding a party on a Thursday.  This means that Eric and Magda cannot stay up until 3am arguing while Slywester and I eat chocolate.

I did redo my LJ theme.  The rather neutral pink and green needed a change.  I’m rather proud of my meager Paint Shop abilities.