Daily Archives: September 1, 2006

So, August.  Done and gone!

And how was it?  Well, not bad really. 

Got mostly Eric out of his funk and started work on Divine Fire.  No, I mean, really started work.  No more of the crappy cut & paste from Trials of Fire I did in July.  Had my first week of 4600+ in a looong while.  I plan on writing a good 500 more today as “gravy” on top of an already achieved goal.

Heard back on the flash fiction submission on Wednesday.  No dice, so I bounced them back out the door today.  Had three articles published by Associated content.

My reading was a little low.  I need to read 11 books in the next four months if I want to hit my goal.

Unfortunately, it’s 2pm and I’m still LAZY…

Nebraska football tomorrow.  Woot!