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In my August wrap-up, I hadn’t mentioned my fitness goals.  Using the inaccurate FitDay tool, I averaged 1872.9 calories a day.  I ran 19.1 miles, and played disc for a 525 minutes.  I lost 4lbs.  I’ve learned that I shouldn’t eat left-over pizza in the morning, and I have to be careful concerning carbs in Pei Wei’s food.  Sandwiches are filling and fairly low-cal if I go low on the cheese and dressing.  Going out to restaurants is a trial, but we’re being financially conservative and eating in anyway.  I don’t think I can maintain this sort of diet on “instinct” so I’ll be sticking with FitDay for a while longer.  Keeping track isn’t that hard.  My disc playing will probably go up this month and the next with fall series and league starting up.  In general, I’ve been feeling pretty good.  My knees are a little creaky, but my brand-spanking-new shoes should help.  Yes, I’ve bought the third pair of athletic shoes in my adult life…or at least since 1999.  The last ones lasted about a year and a half.

Eric was up until 6am playing EverQuest.  We should be working today, but for the moment, while he’s still asleep, I’m going to see what sort of US Open Tennis is on TV.