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Butter or Margarine? Or: Trans fats explained.

Gram for gram, trans fats, as they are commonly called, are more hazardous to the heart than the saturated fats that damage arteries. They raise the �bad�cholesterol that can become glued to arteries; but unlike saturated fats, they also lower the �good� cholesterol that clears away these harmful deposits.

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I hate it when I’ve written a perfectly good bit of dialogue, that flows and transitions well, only to realize later that I need to insert something into it.  Sometimes it’s something I’ve forgotten, but mostly it’s due to an issue being tweaked in another section of the story.  Woe is well-worked dialogue that needs to be rewritten…

So that’s what’s got me stuck this morning.  If we are indeed going to practice tonight, I need to fix that frickin’ dialogue, write at least 1000 words and shave my legs by 4:30.  Instead I’m cleaning my bathroom.

On the “Yay!” side of things, Divine Fire is at the 12,500 work mark.  Halfway to the 25K implosion…!