Finished Chocolat by Joanne Harris last night while sitting through Eric’s practice.  That makes it book #20 for the year.  Ten more to go.

The style was very lovely and there were things here and there that rung true for me.  But honestly, for as much dramatic build up as the novel has going on, the end seemed really flat to me.  And the descriptions of chocolates got boring after a while.  I guess overall it was the pleasant experience I expect from literary fiction, but nothing more.

Co-ed practice really didn’t happen.  Nicole and Tricky were both out of town so the rest of us just played open.  Early on, my play was pretty flat.  Toward the end though, I had a few really nice throws off of some breakmark passes.  My outside in fore hand has improved as long as I don’t over think it.  I’ve also been happy with my ability to keep up with the likes of Laurie and Abby.  Again, maybe they’re not playing as hard as they could be since it’s only pick-up, I don’t know.

Terribly lazy today.  I finished everything I needed to yesterday, but today…  I need to do laundry and take out trash, but the stairs seem daunting.  I’m doing dishes while watching tennis right now.  Lunch soon.


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