Daily Archives: September 11, 2006

AJ appeared at our door on Saturday.  It was good seeing him, and hearing about what he’s been up to.  And, the bastard loaded Jardinains on my computer.  It’s Breakout.  With garden gnomes…  This appeals to me way too much.

Writing-wise, 1294 in the can for the day in addition to the 50 word filler-padding bit I wrote Friday.  I seem to be doing this lately:  The last 50-100 words I write in a day end up being the beginning of the next scene.  They generally suck.  The next day I rewrite or totally toss them.  It’s probably not an efficient thing to do, but it’s what’s being done.  *shrug*

Should be getting (I hope, I hope) a prelim league registration list tonight.  Captaining adds a whole new dimension to league excitement.  Who will be playing?  Who’s the last few captains?  Will there be a big Tues/Thurs division again???  Oh the suspense!