Daily Archives: September 20, 2006

It sucks when you realize you don’t know what you’re doing…

Thus far, I haven’t gotten enough writing done this week.  Monday wasn’t bad, just 200 words behind.  Yesterday…  Fah.  My neck hurt and therefore my head hurt so bad from sleeping wrong.  Also distracted by the impending league draft.  I’m also feeling some block concerning “getting it right.”  I need to just get over that.  Getting it wrong is better than getting nothing done.  I should know that by now.  Still, at 20K the pressure seems to begin.  Eric asked if I was tense yesterday when I complained about my neck.  Yeah, I probably am.

Draft last night went well.  I think.  Eric managed to get his first pick and proceeded to draft another fast, fairly young team despite picking eleventh.  I picked…third.  And really, I’m not sure I did much with my picks.  You take out the 15 female captains and there are only a few elite girls left.  I picked Teri.  She’s been playing with blAZe and she’s never been a slouch.  Our women aren’t as strong as last season, but we’ll do okay as long as we play fierce.

I should go for a run.  But I don’t really want to.  Maybe Eric and I will do something later.  Right now, I just don’t want to take the time and come back all sweaty.