What I’m counting as book #21:
Two versions of the American Psycho script.  I got into a conversation a while back on whether this movie was good or absolute crap.  I was about the only person who liked it.  Go figure.  So, when I saw there was an unproduced draft up at Drew’s Script-O-Rama, I figured I’d give it, and the shooting script, a look.  I like reading scripts, and seeing what a director decided would work is interesting.  There were many scenes in common, and as many that were cut from that earlier draft.  For example, scenes that gave some explanation to Bateman’s psychosis were cut.  Big 80s montages were cut, in favor for a more 80s-steeped setting.  Despite voice overs in both, direct hallucinations by Bateman were left out.  Less, in other words, was more in the director’s opinion.  At least in terms of the non-violent scenes.  Mary Harron goes all out during the kills.  That’s also different from the book which left it all very vague as to whether it was in Bateman’s head until the end.  I was amused by the direct Hitchcock Psycho references in the unproduced script.  At one point, Bateman recites Norman Bates’ monologue about traps to Jean…while on a date.  All in all, Matthew Markwalder’s script is an interesting take on the material, but I can see it’s flaws.  Not that the film shot was perfect…

Working…  600 words this morning.  Working my way through other rewrites now.

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  1. fabulousfrock

    I’ve only seen part of American Psycho but I was really enjoying it… I caught a little on TV at some godawful hour when I needed to go to bed. Need to rent at some point…


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