I spent this morning and early afternoon doing not-writing.  Mostly disc stuff.  Went to Target and spent $130 on two easily carriy-able bags of goods. 

Btw, there is triticale in my granola bars but alas not quadrotriticale.  (Thanks for the suggestion,melisagogo.  Those are tasty!)

Spent late afternoon and early evening doing market research.  I can no longer take it and have turned to vodka, and perhaps some Model Species editing. 

But first I’m looking for something good to watch on GUBA while Eric is still at practice.  There sure are a lot of shows on hauntings, aren’t there?  I was watching some History Channel thing on UFOs and such and could believe how unsubstantiated the claims were.  Proof Positive might be interesting.  Just to see what passes for science these days…

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