I’m still a n00b

Yesterday we got the first rejection of Model Species

In a mostly unrelated event, Eric decided to reread it.  He’s been meaning to for sometime, but we’ve been going full-speed ahead with Divine Fire instead.  And, while reading, he noticed that the writing isn’t as smooth as it could be.  Probably not as smooth as Pas de Chat before it or Divine Fire after it, though it maybe too soon to tell with DF.  You see, Model Species was a change in process for us, the first book that was majorly a collaboration.  And what’s becoming evident is that my part, the brass-tacks writing, might need to be the final pass before the novel can be “done.”  Regrettable that after all this time writing I sent a publisher (two actually at this point) a draft rather then the best it could be.

Evenings are going to be spent on Model Species with hopes of getting it polished up before WFC (arbitrary deadline).  I am at the cusp of 25K done on Divine Fire, so  I might finish up the scene I’m working on this week.  Or not.    I might, instead of splitting myself between two projects, just work on agent research.

(Note to Eric: I think my problem with the word ‘so’ is that it’s too conversational…)

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