We won our first game last night.  It was closer than we would have liked, but it was the first game and we were missing our second pick.  We’ll gel.  Again I worry about not doing right by my teammates, in play and captaining ability.

Worked on market research yesterday, and not much else.  I describe writing last night as “fun, in a frustrating, painful kind of way.”

Today, there’s more of that and also housework.  I’m strangely antsy.  I think I started this really brief update about an hour ago, but I keep wandering off, both figurative and literally, to do other stuff.

I also realized that I need to read three books a month if I want to hit my goal.  I haven’t been reading much other than online stuff lately.

Gawd, my apartment is a mess.  I spend all of my time in two rooms and ignore the rest.  I write, game, eat, watch TV, and read all in the same messy room.  I’ve been trying to be not unhappy about working in the backroom, but I miss my pretty desk.  Damn broken computer.

Could it be that I’m PMSing?

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