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Amid trans-fat fears, companies turn to Dr. Fehrs beans

Let this be a lesson to us all: if at first you don’t succeed, keep fiddling with your beans for another 15 years until someone *is* interested in them.

Preliminary evidence from one of the largest studies of calorie-restricted diet in primates shows health benefits.

Middle Eastern History…in 90 seconds.

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Finished whittling down my list(s) of potential agents.  We also finished reading through the first 40 pages/four “chapters” of Model Species.  Today will be construct query packages day, I guess.  I got a fresh new print cartridge and everything.  (Or, after talking to Eric just now, maybe not.  Honestly, I’m PMSing so bad that the world might as well end because I didn’t get my dishes done last night…)

Also over the weekend:
Watched Inside Man, a heist flick with Clive Owen and Denzel Washington, directed by Spike Lee.  I was a little leary of the film due to Lee, but it was surprisingly good.  The plot was more than I expected, granted I don’t usually expect much.  Eric figured out one bit early on, but there’s a difference between being surprised at what’s going on in a movie (or book) and being satisfied with it.  Inside Man offered satisfaction.  Good performances by all involved too.

Disc?  Maybe.

Oh, and the gay rights meme:
Too manipulative, broad, and vague for my blood.  If you want to talk with me about a specific aspect of ‘gay rights,’ cool.  I’ll do some research and come to an informed decision.  As I try to do with any issue.  Let me just say it wouldn’t make me unhappy for my best friend (other than my husband) to have a husband of his own if he so desired.

(Too bad you can’t have two mood icons.  I’d go for grumpy *and* cranky.)