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There was no disc yesterday.  Not enough people.  No fun.  I came away from disc Tuesday with a fat lip and a bunch of ant bites.  I certainly hope tonight goes better than that.  At least, I’ll have a nice cooler of beer with me.  Which reminds me, do I have enough plastic cups?

Work has been rocky.  I had a particularly bad mental health day yesterday.  But, Model Species is out the door, and we’re still slowly doing a reread with minor polishy rewrites.  Set for today is the rewrite of a Divine Fire scene, changing the POV from Balito to Marie.  Should work to consolidate another piddly scene I had come up with.

And so much housework.  The apartment is a mess.

I woke up at about 5:00 this morning and then went back to bed at  6:45ish.  Woke again at  8:30.  The dreams during this time were overly emotional.  Angry and physically heavy.

Overcast today.  I could do with cooler too, but I doubt that will happen.