Finally, Wednesday disc occurred.  It was good.  Perfect weather, four or five people per team.  Lots of running and only a few catching/throwing screwups.

Came home and finished the snitch scene.  Still, still, still need to clean up the ten billion other things in the first 22K words.  Bah.  I don’t have enough caffeine for this.

Links o’ million:
Red-heads, wear your sunscreen.  People with red-head’s genes, wear your sunscreen!
Seduced by Snacks  Prof. Wasink may have actually written a ‘diet’ book that I’d buy.
Women “dress to impress” during ovulation  I’m rather amused with this statement: “The reasons for the style shift aren’t clear.”  *cough*
And finally, via YouTube: Code Monkey meets the Matrix

Right.  Fine.  Back to it.  I’m sure as soon as I’m distracted Eric will call asking about dinner.


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