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Game  last night did not go well.  We won in the end, but it wasn’t pretty.  I threw a callahan and generally played poorly.  If anything, I tried to be my team’s poster child for running down field and then cutting under.  It’s a technique that works well for our team, when we do it.  When we stand around the middle of the field doing nothing, turnovers happen.

Wednesday disc was nice.  The weather has been so nice, cool for October.  I enjoy Wednesday disc so much because it’s the least pressure play I engage in.  Which sadly means it’s probably my best play.  I have in the past five years of playing gained a new appreciation for athletics and those who play sports well.  There’s a fine edge being relaxed enough to use your practiced skills and being intense enough to play hard.  That’s probably an analogy I can apply to writing, but I don’t have the brain power to think it through entirely.

Writing.  Rewriting.  1200 yesterday, but scenes that can be done better.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed, daydream, and write journal entries instead of working on the hard things.