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Thus far today:
Model Species polish (in pages):

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
105 / 550

Divine Fire progress (in words):

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
28,369 / 100,000

That makes 5537 words for the month on DF.  I really’d like 10K by next Tuesday.

And 99 books added to Library Thing.

Shortly after lunch, I sneezed and many of the muscles in my neck seized up.  It’s quite painful, that.  I’m hoping a beer loosens me up.  Well, it’s a good excuse anyway.

What’s up with NaNo not having a 100×100 participation icon?  And I really like the shirt this year, but it’s pastel.  I’d only wear it as a frisbee shirt, and pastel does me no good there.  It is not a ‘white’ or a ‘dark.’

Need to shower.  Need to take out trash, do dishes.

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Well, not the greatest weekend ever.  We watched a lot of television while Eric attempted to fix his computer.  He managed to pick up some malware on Thursday, I think it was.  After a restore attempt, his computer is still acting up.  Not good.  And the back room is a terrible mess that will do me no good to clean up.

Blockbuster Online exceeded my expectations.  The top three of my queue arrived on Saturday, instead of today.   I didn’t check the mail until Sunday though.  I didn’t really expect anything.  Good thing it didn’t rain.

Watched: Brick (rented with the in-store coupon), V for Vendetta, and Syriana.  And three hours of Battlestar Galactica (season 2) to get through the resurrection ship plotline.

Brick was an okay story that doesn’t bother with being set in reality.  It’s been described as high school noir.  That’s apt, and it’s kinda cool to see a young cast (‘course, none under 20) that isn’t doing some stupid teen comedy.

V for Vendetta was better than I expected and better in the end than its own first fifteen minutes.  (And another film not fettered by reality…How does one go about buying all those masks?)  Yes, yes, the alliteration was lovely, but too long, and I wonder if it would have been better to keep V more mysterious at the beginning.  For the longest while, I also thought that someone like Billie Piper might have been better as Evey, but Natalie Portman played broken pretty well.

And lastly Syriana.  Again, better than I expected.  The major criticism of this movie was that it was slow and a bit muddled.  It’s definitely not a casual film, it requires attention, but it’s worth it.  And I think there might have been expectations that the storylines with wrap up in some sort of grand event.  That doesn’t happen, but I didn’t find that unsatisfying.  And Alexander Siddig is not James Callis, but I want to see them in a room together.

Also played some good disc and ate at Rigatony’s.


I have signed up for Library Thing.  I will probably write another AC article and use my proceeds to get a lifetime ‘membership’.  I can export it to an Excel file, and cataloging my library by ISBN is probably worth it.

And Eric has come up with a great idea for NaNoWriMo, so I’m off to sign up for that as well.

Need to get some work done today on Divine Fire and do some cleaning.  Although I’m tempted to leave everything aside from laundry until Wednesday when Eric’s gone.  I plan on keeping myself busy while Eric’s away instead of drinking and watching chick flicks for four days straight.