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We won!  In addition to missing Eric and Tyson, we were also missing Iverson and Brad.  That’s a lot of speed we didn’t have.  The beginning of the game looked grim, but we picked it up after tying at sevens.  I am so tired.  I don’t think I’ve run that hard in ages.  I often came out after only one point.  And either I’ve gotten faster or Sarah has lost a step.  I totally ran her down several times.  She was hard to get away from though.  She plays smart.  Craig was in charge and called me as a handler just about every time I was on the field.  I hope he was doing that because he feels that I’m an okay handler and not because I’m the co-captain or because I’m one of the girls.  But we were a bit light in the handling department, so it probably fell to me honestly.  And I did okay.  Good learning night.

Eric finally called.  He had a decent day, it sounded like, though his stomach is acting up.  Ironwood needs to win their games tomorrow after going 1-2 today.

Putting butt to chair currently, though I’d really like to call it a night.  I’m stopping when I hit 7000 for the month.  (Pitiful, eh?  Better than nothing…)

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I really should be doing the dishes.  And I need to write this afternoon.  But currently I’m still cataloging my library.  It will be interesting to see whether the older gaming stuff has readily displayed ISBNs.

Still no call from Eric.  It will do me no good to worry, therefore I will only do so occasionally.  If I see Teri tonight (which I should since she’s on my team), I’ll ask her if she’s heard from Tyson.  Since Eric and Tyson are sharing a room, it would be news if Eric hadn’t shown up.  And since it will do me no good, I won’t bother being annoyed by not having contact info for where Eric is staying either…

But, there is an Ironwood roster up at the championship website.  I’m wondering if they knocked an inch off of everyone’s height because Eric’s over 6’3″.  And it would have been cool if they had the player’s age on the masters’ rosters.  Or at least the average age.  And it appears that Ironwood has lost their first game.