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World Fantasy Con: 
The panels were maybe not quite as good as those in Wisconsin, but the socializing in the consuite made up for that.  I must say FACT kept a nice spread going and did what they could with a pretty small suite.  Had conversations with David Coe and

 that have made us, and Eric especially, rethink our views of short stories and their usefulness.  I feel sorry for Eric today because he’s going to have to get up and go to work when I know he’ll want to plow on through with the story he started yesterday.

The goodie bags were nice.  Both the bags themselves, which make an excellent carry-on with zipper and all, and the book haul.  Also I got The Line Between signed (yay!), and bought Bradbury’s Farewell Summer, a book I didn’t realize existed.

The con hotel was pretty, but rather cold.  I decided, before falling asleep Wednesday night that I’d bring my ‘velvet’ shawl that I’ve worn once in the past, since I wasn’t bring a jacket along.  “It’s going to be in the 60s,” I thought.  “I’ll be fine with just long sleeves.”  Living in Tempe, one tends to forget exactly what temperature 60 is.  The hotel we stayed in was cheaper and still nice, a place Eric stays when he’s in Austin on business.  We had a kitchenette and they offer an honor-system snack bar.  And the bed was comfy!  I slept pretty well the entire stay.  I also took advantage of their gym.  Especially considering that I decided to ignore my diet after Thursday.

Only had one panic attack.

To work today.  You know, that NaNo thing…

And oh, AC has a new article up by me:  Five Ways to Snack Healthier.

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We got back from WFC at about 8pm.  Made some quick, tasty chili and watched American Outlaws, a somewhat silly Western filled with pretty boys.  This movie needs to be sporked.  Wrote some on NaNo Project.  Eric’s working on a short story, feverishly.  More on WFC tomorrow.  Now sleeep…