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Slooowly catching up on the NaNo.  Unfortunately for the word count, but in every other way, we’re going to go see Chris in San Diego on the 18th &19th.  There’s a party for Magda on the 17th, and Eric’s parents and Aunt Kathy will be visiting the 21st through the 27th.  So, it’s likely I might get caught up in time to get behind again.

Yes, I voted.  Last week in fact by early ballot.  So does this mean the ugly banners on the corners will make way for the Christmas tree stands, my mailbox will no longer be filled with the remains of dread trees, and I will get 99% few phone calls in a day since no one will want to know my thoughts?  Good…

Despite a minor case of con crud, I did go for a run today.  4.8 miles.  Felt good while I was doing it, but has left me pretty tired.  Time to take a book to bed.  I’m currently reading Bret Easton Ellis’ Lunar Park.  Ellis completely walks the line between compelling and utterly boring.  An amazing feat.