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Over the weekend, I wrote 2000 words on Saturday and then took Sunday off.  Perhaps a silly thing to do considering all the upcoming events, but when I sat down on Sunday, I just couldn’t make myself write.  Happens sometimes.  Today I’ve done 2000 and I have intention of working tonight.  As it stands right now, NaNo Progress:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
20,051 / 50,000

Got laundry done, and the apartment almost has a semblance of order.  Just in time for us to head off to San Diego.  How peripatetic of us.  I’m slowly feeling better.  I need to go running tomorrow.  I’ve pretty much hit my goal weight.  Now it will be a matter of maintaining it.  I just bought new jeans.  It would be nice if they stay comfortable for a while at least.