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The more I write for NaNo, the less inclined I am to update here.  Just too busy.  Today’s writing consisted of some rewrite.  With crossed out bits left in.

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Since last I updated:

DiscObedience lost a second game.  There’s been so much zone being played this season that it’s almost ridiculous.  I’d say it works, but you know, man defense might work to if anyone played it.  I’ve found that it’s very hard to go from playing zone O to being on defense.  Zone O, as a handler, is slow with a grave need for calm.  It’s hard to switch on the ferocity after that.  I guess that’s something I should remember when we throw zone too.

The party for Magda on Friday was nice, but something upset my stomach terribly.  I think I’m still feeling the effects.

Despite my worry, the trip to San Diego went well.  Except for forgetting all kinds of minor things.  And being pulled over by the highway patrol (let go with only a warning).  And nearly running out of gas on the way back (the yellow Shell station sign might have been the light of Gawd shining down).  And me being quite sick, and Eric injuring his pinky toe.  But nothing went absolutely, terribly wrong.  We played lots of frisbee on the beach with Chris, went to see Casino Royale (very good) in a really neat mall, and generally hung out.  It was lovely and relaxing.  And reaffirming that one day I when I’m filthy rich I’ll live on a beach.

Tomorrow, Eric’s parents arrive. 

If only there was another week to this month…