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Still working on Falling Star, my NaNo project.  Probably will continue to for this week at least.  Wrote 2000 words yesterday and 1300 tonight.  That brings the grand total to 38,400.  Not bad for a months work, even if it is a messy heap.  Unfortunately, my schedule has firmly swung to nights.  I’ll have to squeeze out my words during the day tomorrow due to disc.

The fall season is almost over.  Tomorrow is our last regular season game.  Next week we’ll have one pool game during the week and wrap it all up on the 9th.  We have two losses thus far and many close wins.  Getting to finals will require a lot of work.  Disc this afternoon was good, as Wednesday disc usually is.  Today was our first really pretty cool day, and windy too.  I’ll probably close the last window tonight, that being the one in our bedroom.  But disc in the wind, when nothing is on the line, is ridiculous and fun.  Just try throwing a frisbee into a good gust of  wind a few times and see if you agree.

The 9th is also the date of Martha’s Christmas party.  We might go late if we’re not totally worn out.  And hey, I might go already tipsy.  …that can’t be a good thing…

The apartment is finally in passable shape.  Laundry and dishes tomorrow, stuck in between writing.  Oh, and putting up my outside lights.  Stuff that gets me out of the back room.

Now for some reading.  Reading is good.